Sunset in London






惰性是人天生的, 當一個生活模式己成為習慣,


很認同一句 「思考的方向的轉變亦將令你的人生改變」

或者人生衝衝只有幾十年, 不要怕模糊不清的未來,

懂得將自己未來掌握自己手上, 那份實在感先最真確。


I am glad living in my favourite city "London" ,

i trying to find the life style which belong to me .

Something you will encounter a lot of problem in your life moreover you will have a question always in your mind"what do you want to do " although future is unknown,

life is indelible because of the experience growing up .

I could not agree more with this quote:

"Change the direction of thinking will also let you have a different life"

Do not be afraid of the future blurred,

you should know that future is in your own,

positive thinking could makes sure you have a sense of reality to the most authentic.

Joy in the past, boast over fear, moving forward.

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